Working with builds

Visual Studio Extensibility Cookbook

Here’s a collection of small code samples on different ways to work with builds.

Build solution

To build the entire solution, call the BuildAsync() method.

bool buildStarted = await VS.Build.BuildSolutionAsync(BuildAction.Build);

Build project

You can build any project by passing it to the method.

Project project = await VS.Solutions.GetActiveProjectAsync();
await project.BuildAsync(BuildAction.Rebuild);

Pack project

SDK style .NET projects can be packed by executiong Visual Studio’s built in command. See #318.

await Package.JoinableTaskFactory.SwitchToMainThreadAsync(Package.DisposalToken);
await VS.Commands.ExecuteAsync("Build.Packselection");

Set build property

Shows how to set a build property on the project.

Project project = await VS.Solutions.GetActiveProjectAsync();
bool succeeded = await project.TrySetAttributeAsync("propertyName", "value");

Get build property

Shows how to get a build property of any project or project item.

Project item = await VS.Solutions.GetActiveProjectAsync();
string value = await item.GetAttributeAsync("propertyName");
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