VSIX Cookbook

Visual Studio Extensibility Cookbook

This cookbook will help you write successful Visual Studio extensions and there’s something for absolute beginners to experts alike.

Pick your starting point

Based on your experience level, pick where to begin.

Learn how to get started

If you are new to extension development, you want to start at the beginning to ensure you’re not missing any information up front. Head on over to the getting started guide.

Walk me through typical scenarios

Once you know the basics of the Visual Studio extensibility model, it is time to explore what type of features to extend. To do that, check out the recipe section for inspiration and step-by-step walkthroughs.

Publishing the finished extension

When you’ve written your extension, it is time to publish it. Whether you want to share it with just a few friends, your company, or the whole world, you want to check out the publishing section.

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